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I want to share how to fold sheets. Once you try it you won’t ever fold them any other way. They are neatly stacked in your linen closet and all pieces are folded together so you will never have to hunt through the linen to find the entire set of sheets.  Who wouldn’t like that idea. I will share the pictures in steps.

Step 1. Fold the flat sheet in half from the top to the bottom and then half again. Now lay it on a flat service and fold in half and then in half again. This is what it should look like if you have done it correctly.

Sheets 1

Step 2. Take the fitted sheet and repeat the same steps. You will want to arrange so when folded it lays flat like the fitted sheet. This picture should give you an idea of how it will look.

Sheets 2

Step 3. Fold in half and then half again just like the fitted sheet. Place it on top of your flat sheet.

Sheets real 3

Step 4. Fold pillow cases in half length wise and place on top of fitted sheet.

Sheets 3

Step 5. Fold one end half way to the middle.

Sheets 5

Step 6. Fold the other end to the middle.

Sheets 7


Step 7. Fold the other end over the first fold. Now you have the neat folded stack of sheets. Neatly organized and ready to place in your linen closet.

Sheets 8




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